Herd Health

  • Follow up every 2, 3 or 4 weeks as needed
  • 26 days pregnancy check with ultrasound
  • Embryo sexing from 56 days
  • Fresh cows scanning with ultrasound
  • Vaccination, Deworming, Dehorning, Castration
  • Computer analysis with Dairy Comp 205 of your data for DHI or others sources
  • Feed follow-up every visit


We offer a wide selection of surgeries:

  • Standing DA (displaced abomasum / twisted stomach)
  • Umbilical hernia (calves)
  • Hardware surgery
  • Typhlotomy (caecum/appendix surgery)
  • Standing Caesarian section
  • Teat surgery (injury or extra-teat)

Technical Service (Veterinary technician)

  • Dehorning
  • Vaccination
  • Lungs ultrasound (for lung assessment in calves or cows)
  • Milk culture (sample collection and in-house analysis)
  • Metabolic profile
  • Blood collection
  • Coprology (manure analysis for parasites)
  • Deworming
  • Castration (non-surgical)
  • Metricheck and uterine infusion

Embryo Implantation and services

Our team can implant embryo on your farm. We have embryo in stock also for sale.

Small Ruminants

We also offer an individual or Herd follow-up for sheep and goat (dairy and meat). Dr. Steve Dorais is our expert for these 2 species. We also provide a surgery service for sheep and goats (C-Section, skin injury, dehorning etc.).

In house Laboratory

We have a wide selection of analysis available

  • Milk culture with preliminary results in 24 hours
  • Blood electrolytes analysis (calcium, potassium, phosphate, chloride, sodium, magnesium)
  • Hematologic analysis (inflammation, hardware, etc.)
  • Milk residue testing (Snap test and Delvo)

We also work with Guelph University for diagnostic tests of diseases such as leucosis, neospora, freemartin, manure analysis for parasites, bacteriology and virology. We offer all these services in our offices at 651 Notre-Dame, Embrun, and at 100 Laflèche Boulevard, Casselman.

Exportation and Artificial Insemination Center

Our 3 veterinarians are accredited for bull testing to AI center and for cattle exportation to United States of America.

Herd Troubleshooting

We also provide consultation services for on-farm problems:

  • Nutritional problem (Ration analysis, DHI data analysis, etc.)
  • Mastitis problems (milk culture, CMT, therapeutic approach, milking equipment analysis)
  • Comfort problems (hoof problem, bedding, stalls dimensions, legs)
  • Breeding problems (infusion, synchronization program, analysis)
  • New building construction (dimensions, ventilation, calf barn, etc.)