Are you taking care of others species?

Yes. We also can take care of rabbits (a hutch of more than 500 rabbits).

I only have one goat; can you come and see it?

Sure. Dr. Steve Dorais will be pleased to take care of your new “large” pet.

How many dairy farms do you have as clients?

We are now serving more than 100 farms.

Do you accept new clients?

It will be our pleasure to take you as a new client. Please contact us to make an appointment.

Do I have to bring my animal to your clinic?

No. All our services are mobile and our veterinarians have all the equipment in their truck to take care of your animal/herd at your location.

Are you offering embryo transfer services?

We work with Dr. Luc Besner for embryo transfer. Please contact us for more information.